In anno MMVIII - Back story

Bromance was first established in late 2008, originally as a small Counter-Strike LAN team run by Froosh, HunkaDunk, prB, DaY and Kebe^. We attended The Gathering and ByLan in Norway and got a solid roster who managed to assert themselves all the way in the top in Norway. After 2009, members were headed on to different paths in life and Bromance went into hibernation...

In anno MMXIV - The road back to the top
The year is 2014. The game is Insurgency.

One late night in the fall Romeo and froosh is on TeamSpeak talking about the game and the competitive possibilites it had, unfortunately there was no leagues or ladder hosting Insurgency at that time. After the talk froosh figured out that there was a lack of servers providing the game-modes and maps he liked the best and sent a dedicated server to Germany, that was the start of a new era for Bromance. Throughout the course of 2014, Bromance were hosting game servers and they soon went on to become some of the the most popular Insurgency servers in Europe.  After froosh found out that The Digital Gaming League were going to host a season for Insurgency, time was of essence and he quickly reached out to players he met on the servers and scrambeled a team. Without even having played one match together, froosh, babylonyoker, SteveAmtiskaw, destruction() and Gigi Jr. were locking down their final tactics and went into their first match victorious. Throughout the first season of the DGL, roster changes happened and we found a good combination of excellent players and needless to say, Bromance was yet again a team not to be reckoned with. Things soon snowballed into the community, network, and organization you know now.

We're not just some fly by night clan, we're here to stay for the long run.