How good are you at CS:GO?

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It is quite common that players either have hubris or bad confidence regarding their own skill level in the game. This test will shed light over all situations of the kind, since it's 110% accurate. The test consists of 3 different playstyle checks and 3 scenarios. Each item will give a number of points based on your performance. The point-total will summarize your proficiency within the game as a whole. Remember to answer truthfully!

Item 1, crosshair placement:
Where do you place your crosshairs?

If you would estimate that your average crosshair placement is in the "minus three zone", you are risking a less flattering test result.

Motivation: Crosshair placement can make a big difference, and also says a lot about how you are as a player and how long you've been playing for. A more experienced shooter will move with the crosshairs on a height appropriate for an appearing opponent's head, while a novice often has the aim closer to the ground. The benefit of a good crosshair placement is being able to get quick headshots on suddenly appearing enemies, and thereby avoiding unnecessary face to face battles.

Item 2, spray control: This phenomenon is quite well documented, and several players have built professional careers on accurately learning the pattern in which for example the AK-47's shots go. The ideal is, needless to say, to get all the bullets to end up in more or less the same place.

In which direction do you move your mouse while spraying?

Alternative 1: Not at all: 0 points
Alternative 2: Left : 0 points
Alternative 3: Right: 0 points
Alternative 4: Down: 1 point
Alternative 5: Up: -1 point
Alternative 6: I have calculated the spray pattern: 2 points

Motivation: If you don't feel like practising spray patterns for hundreds of hours, the best way to spray successfully is to move your mouse in a slightly downward direction. Moving it up will make you look like a baby holding a very powerful water hose.

Item 3, weapon of choice: Very simple: Which weapon in the game do you prefer?

Alternative 1: Tec-9: -1 point
Alternative 2: P90: 0 points
Alternative 3: Auto-sniper: 0 points
Alternative 4: Any other weapon: 1 point

Motivation: While a clear majority of the weapons in the game require some sort of thinking in order to be effective, there are some that don't. The best example of such a weapon is the Tec-9, which has enraged anti-ecoing CTs ever since the CZ-75 was nerfed. The P90 and the two auto-snipers, especially the SCAR-20, are also examples of weapons that are very easily used and are therefore disadvantageous in this test.

Scenario 1: You are one versus one as a terrorist on de_dust2's bombsite A. You have no idea regarding your opponents location. Where do you plant the bomb?

Motivation: While planting in the red zone, a player would be vulnerable from at least 2 different entries. The same thing goes for the orange field, only that a shooter from long would need to have a more specific position. As for the green zone, you can only be shot from a player in long-slope. It needs to be said that the afterplant situation is least favorable after planting in the least vulnerable position, however, if you die while planting, you will be both broke and dead.

Scenario 2: You are in a one versus one situation as a counter-terrorist. The opposing player has the bomb, and you have no clue where he is. Where would you position yourself?

Alternative 1 Alternative 3

Alternative 1: I would choose one site and hope that the enemy picks it too, and instantly rotate if he doesn't. 1 point
Alternative 2: I would roam around and try to catch him off guard. 0 points
Alternative 3: I would camp somewhere between the sites for quick access to whichever objective my opponent chooses. 0 points

Motivation: The wisest thing would probably be to pick one of the two bombsites and camp it. That way you'll have a 50% chance of recieving an advantage, and even if you don't, the seconds you would have saved by waiting between them are few. This applies especially to maps with fast rotation, such as de_nuke.

Scenario 3: In an afterplant situation on de_dust2's bombsite B, which entrance is wisest to smoke off if you have to choose only one?

Smoking off window or doors would mean that the risk of getting shot from two angles remain. A smoke in dark would heavily marginalize that risk since there are several spots from where you can hold both slope entrances without having to move your crosshairs.


-8 to -3: In situations where there is a possiblity to make a wrong call, you will.

-2 to 0: You may not be a completely lost cause. Let's just say that.

1 to 3: You have probably not been playing for so long, but your ability will increase in time.

4 to 7: You can call yourself a reliable CSGO-player. Anyone should be happy to have you on their team as long as you behave.

8: Road to Global Elite is just around the corner.

9: You are the Dalai-Lama of CSGO.


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