Interview with Insurgency’s Audio Designer Mark Winter

Wed 7th Jan 2015 - 7:00pm : Insurgency

Originally posted on the Insurgency steam page by Michael Tsarouhas, Community Manager for Insurgency

In this interview Mark and I talk about his history in gaming and entertainment, the challenges of audio design, what it’s like working on a small team, the process of creating sound, and his appreciation for Insurgency’s workshop content.

Mark (or Fortran as he’s known ingame) started his career in audio as a classical musician at a prestigious music school in London. While he was there, he experimented with music production equipment and discovered his passion was not for music but for audio design. He became involved in various different mod projects like Science and Industry and Hostile Intent for Half Life 1, Nations at War for Battlefield 2, and later founded his own mod projects like Task Force Black and Cry Recon for the Cryengine. While working on his Cryengine projects, he was approached by one of Insurgency’s founders Jeremy Blum and eventually began work on the retail version of Insurgency.



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